Based in the Baltimore, Maryland metropolitan area, Advocates for Success assists families & individuals.

Welcoming New Clients
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email Janet Palmer
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From Daily Struggles
to Steps to Success

ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Depression, anger, anxiety, substance abuse, academic struggles, undiagnosed problems, unique challenges....
Solutions Do Exist

Janet Palmer, M.A., M.Ed. offers private resource and referral services to families seeking solutions that are tailored to the needs of their child, teen, or young adult challenged by learning disabilities or behavior problems.

Her confidence, kindness, and understanding nature make her an advocate that families and individuals feel comfortable trusting.

Janet assists parents and youth by creating tactics  toward goal achievement. 
During each hourly session, Janet works with clients to plan practical goals, design time-frames, and provide information about the best financial, educational, counseling, testing, and support programs  available for their family's specific needs.

Providing Knowledge and Positive Approaches for Families Asking:

"What kind of testing is available for my child and who administers the tests?"

"What are my child's rights under current public and Special Education regulations?"

"What schools, educational, and tutoring programs are available for our specific needs?"

"What criteria should we consider to evaluate and select the right program?"

"How do we build a support network for our child when we are not available?"

"What support systems are available to assist our family in coping with the stress and demands of my child's needs?"

"What insurance coverage and other financial support is available to me?"

"How do I advocate for my child?"

For families in distress...
experiencing unique, difficult-to-solve situations....

Janet Palmer offers cost-effective, financially aware consulting.  Resource and Referral Sessions are hourly meetings with families or individuals.  Families may utilize sessions for short term needs or an ongoing basis.