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Welcoming New Clients
To inquire about Practical Life Skills fees and session availability:

email Janet Palmer
or call 410.627.0428

Janet Palmer
for Teens & Young Adults on the Spectrum
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Practical Life Skills:
For Teens and Adults with Asperger's Syndrome and others who struggle with a social deficit.

To provide each member with an individualized outline for navigating the daily experiences of life.  We employ the use of video, role play, and visual imagery to assist in understanding social concepts.

  • Practical Life Skills is an ongoing weekly group that meets to explore a variety of topics and concerns.


  • Parent meetings are held quarterly to discuss ways to support your child at school, at home, and in life.

  • For anyone participating in group, a weekly art program is also offered.

  • If you are over the age of 30 and wish to participate in a group, please contact me.


  • Groups are limited to ten members per program

  • Interview required


So what will you be doing in a Practical Life Skills Program?  Plenty! 
Each session includes lots of opportunities for growth and exploration.  Here are some examples of group topics:

Casual Conversation for Social Situations-
How to begin meaningful interactions, initiating & maintaining conversations, understanding humor, the use of compliments, joining in on group conversations, phone skills, voice intonation

Do's & Don'ts for Social Interactions-
Physical proximity, safety concerns, time limitations, taking turns in conversation, social cues

Job Skills-
Identifying appropriate jobs, skill matching, assessing strengths & weaknesses, making contacts, job search, resume writing

Time & Money Management-
Taking responsibility for yourself, using time effectively, using daily planners, budgeting

Advocating For Yourself-
Negotiating conflict, dealing with peer pressure, asking for help, identifying sources for help on the job and in the community

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle-
Recognizing, expressing, & managing emotions, dealing with change, reducing anxiety, relaxation strategies

Extracurricular Activities-
Identifying community groups, volunteer services, internships, and social venues

Safety concerns, internet use, dating expectations, what constitutes a healthy relationship, how to get a date, illegal re
lationships, appropriate behavior for you & others
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Program price is inclusive for all sessions in a program.  Please contact Janet Palmer for pricing, exact meeting locations, and additional information.