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Janet Palmer has extensive experience working with a variety of populations and is dedicated to helping others achieve social and individual strength.  She has over 25 years of planning and implementing solutions tailored to the needs of children and adolescents with behavioral and learning challenges.  During the course of her professional career, Janet has worked for psychiatric hospitals in Massachusetts, mental health services in Vermont, and school systems in Missouri and Maryland. 

Her work with schools, public health agencies, hospitals, and non-profit organizations has touched many.  Her emphasis on counseling and program planning has provided her with a variety of skills and also connected Janet to many professionals who share sensitivity to developmental and learning processes of young people.   Janet uses her enriching experiences and background to meld a variety of ideas and approaches into cohesive solutions to problems that may seem unsolvable.

In 2001, Janet established Advocates for Success, a private resource and referral program for children and young adults with learning and behavioral issues.  Advocates for Success has generated a broad client base as Janet tailors counseling and referral services to the needs and goals of each individual.  Since 2002, she has led Practical Skills Training groups for those in need of social guidance and peer connections.

Janet Palmer holds a Masters of Education and Masters of Counseling.  

"It's all about helping them get by the best way they can with the skills they have." -Janet Palmer