Based in the Baltimore, Maryland metropolitan area, Advocates for Success assists families & individuals.

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From Daily Struggles
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ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Depression, anger, anxiety, substance abuse, academic struggles, undiagnosed problems, unique challenges....
Solutions Do Exist

Advocating for the success of:

•Children, teens, and young adults with learning disabilities, behavior problems, and social deficits
•Teens and adults with Asperger's Syndrome

Offering professional assistance through individual sessions and group programs.


To provide an atmosphere where individuals can openly discuss any topic without shame or ridicule. 

To provide support, understanding, and acceptance of each individual for who they are. 

Private consulting & group leadership provided by advocate Janet L. Palmer, M.A, M.Ed.

Janet's wealth of knowledge and experience makes her the go-to expert for information, strategy, direction, support, and unique approaches designed for steps towards success. 

Coming to grips with the possibility that your child struggles with a learning or behavior problem can be daunting.  Whether it lingered for months as a vague uneasiness or it erupted suddenly with a call from the school principal requesting a meeting, now the unexpected challenges are out in the open.  The complexities of behavioral, developmental, and educational testing, medical and counseling options, as well as educational and support services can be difficult and time consuming. 

Having a knowledgeable, experienced advocate on your side can help you optimize your child’s short term and long range capabilities. 

Advocates for Success represents more than 25 years of hands-on experience in designing & implementing solutions tailored to the needs of children & adolescents’ behavioral and learning challenges.  Advocates for Success Resource and Referral offers extensive knowledge of Maryland-based resources in the fields of medicine, education, counseling, insurance, and family and community support services.  Private referral sessions with Janet Palmer provide the opportunity for her to apply expert knowledge to identify and mobilize the most appropriate resources for each child and family’s circumstances.